Harry Potter Trivia Treasure Hunt

by Kim S.

Fantastic! Played this with six party guests ages 9 - 11 years old. Two of them are HP experts, so I switched out most of the trivia questions. I used our Trivial Pursuit Harry Potter edition to easily get some tough trivia questions, and didn't have to re-do any of the clue sequence logic.

The first time the kids found a curse card there was lots of laughing about not wanting to touch the next envelope. However, as soon as they got the next card they all were anxiously taking turns opening them to try and get cursed! After the treasure was found, they looked for the known curse cards to intentionally get cursed.

Only a couple of the kids had the patience for the logic puzzles (one of them was our Ravenclaw student, imagine that!), though there were a couple that had universal appeal. I was surprised by that, but then again, I'm a Ravenclaw myself!

I thoroughly enjoyed the mechanics of the hunt by having the numbered locations and a Location Sheet. Thanks for a great game, I've already purchased another "Hunt" for our next party!

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