by Teagan Wright
(Shepparton, Victoria, Australia)

Table Set up

Table Set up

I did this for my 12th birthday because my party was on the same week as Halloween, everybody loved it! You can do this anytime throughout the year. It might be a little harder finding the decorations if your birthday is not near Halloween but some stores will have them. All the girls dressed up as horror characters. I dressed up as evil Alice in Wonderland and one of my friends dressed up as the grim reaper.

Halloween Themed Birthday Party

I have a split driveway meaning it is basically a circle that you can drive around either way. On a sign out the front I had a sign saying "Butcher Shop" with a finger pointing to left, signifying the butcher shop is to the left of the driveway. On my front door I had caution tape crossed over my double doors. I have an archway just in front of that door which I hung a pumpkin made out of tinsel and wire that I bought for around $5 at the cheap shop. I got black and orange balloons hanging them everywhere. You can put them out the front on your mailbox, on the posts of your house, in your room, anywhere to make it more colourful. I got about 4 dolls from the local op-shop, pulled off their heads and rolled their heads in red food dye making it look like blood. I put them around my backyard and house to really give it that horror effect. I invited 5 girls over to stay the night so 6 including me. Of course my parents don't want 6 teenage girls in the house so we slept in a 9 person tent in the backyard. I had a gazebo just outside my tent so I decorated that with fake cobwebs and spiders and hung lanterns around the top of it. For inside I also put fake cobwebs around the kitchen with halloween print food supplies such as plates, cups, tablecloth , etc. I got all that from sparklers (a party shop).

Halloween Themed Birthday Party

For lunch we just had the basic party food, party pies, sausage rolls, mini pizzas , etc. I had a witch pinata with halloween lollies inside like spiders, eyeballs, body part, they all came in a big pack. The girls put them into their lolly bags and we also just got some extra basic lollies for the bags as well. For the cake my mum got a baker to make a Pumpkin shaped cake that was choc jaffer flavour. Really yum!

Halloween Themed Birthday Party

I bought a skeleton that had joins at all the body parts. The parts were...1 head, 2 humorous', 2 forearms, 1 pelvis, 2 quads and 2 shines. All together making 10 parts. Because I wanted to participate in the game I got my parents to hide all the body parts in different places around our backyard (I live on 4 acres so it was really fun in a big area) you could even go down to a park and do this game, whatever you want. We got into teams of 2 went searching for all the parts. The team with the most body parts by the end can get a prize of your choice.
We played a chubby bunny but instead of using marshmallows we used eyeballs. Every eyeball you put in your mouth you must say, "One eyeball" "Two eyeball" and so on.
Draw numbers to see who goes first. The first person stands up and the number 2 person chooses an object from the room. The first person then must make up a commercial about the object and speak for 30 seconds about it. Then #3 picks an object for #2's commercial and so on.

I hope this helped if you were planning on doing a Halloween themed Party. This is probably suitable for ages between 11-14.

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