Girl Pirate Party!

by Angela
(New zealand)

Pirate party for my 7 year old daughter
Invitations I reused empty water bottles by removing the labels and replacing them with a scull and crossbones label than I placed the invitation inside. The invitation was printed on paper that I had stained with tea to make it look old and than I carefully burned the edges randomly. The message in the bottle invitations were a hit kids were excited before they even arrived.

Food I carried the label theme and put labels on the water and juice bottles I made a slab cake and decorated it with vanill icing than I used piping gel coloured blue to create water, crushed graham crackers for sand and playmobil pirate characters . Inside the cake I baked hidden treasures (gold choc coins). We served snack foods such as goldfish crackers blue gummy fish chicken drumsticks I cut a watermelon and scooped it out to resemble a boat even made a sail for it and used it for fruit salad.

Decorations were easy bought a bunch of pirate scull crossbones flags and hung them everywhere used some Halloween decorations added eye patch and pirate hat on my skeleton plastic rat , painted a plank of wood black and added scull and cross bones stickers that I printed used 3 crates for stability and a blue plastic table cloth below for water effect. I used the bead garland from my Christmas decorations as treasure and lots of black balloons

The party consisted of a treasure hunt with clues that the children had to figure out each clue provided them with a item that they got to take home choc gold coins, pirate bandana , pirate pencils and notebooks, pirate rings , stickers and the last one was a pirate gumball container. The children collected their loot in black reusable bags that I stencilled skull and crossbones on using glow in the dark paint mixed into the white paint. I also collected paper towel rolls and painted them black and the kids used stickers and stick on jewels to decorate and use as spy scopes.