Futuristic Party

by Kelsey

At a futuristic party you could enjoy all sorts of fun things! possibilities are endless!

For a fun year of 3000 menu, you could try putting crazy and fun food coloring in your food! This way you can have what you want but with a futuristic flare! Purple chicken, tie-dye potatoes... A meal to be remembered!

Activities and Entertainment?
Honestly, it's hard to begin! There are endless options when it comes to fun activities and ways to entertain your guests at this funky party! I'll start myself off with movies! There are many top blockbusters that are themed from the future. Some classics include 'Back to the future' and it's sequel 'back to the future part 2' which are also themed from the past but fit right in. Another modern-day favorite is 'The Hunger Games' Starring Jennifer Lawrence and "J-Hutch" (Josh Hutcherson) This movie appeals to almost everyone! But if you and your friends are more of a hands-on sort of group and don't want to sit all night....no fear! Some other fun, futuristic activities are dressing up in wildly out-of-this-century costumes (err...i mean "outfits")that YOU think generations to come will wear! This event comes with contagious laughing and all around smiles! Still not interested in these two examples? Well how's this?- Green alien goop making! Often when you think of years to come, you think of being associated with aliens so this is definitely a must-try! There are so may cool recipes out there to make your alien goop! And if i may add, adding cool food coloring is a great option! So there you have it, 3 fun ideas to keep the party started! But with a bit of creative spark- possibilities are endless for your future-themed gathering!

To decorate for this fabulously out-of-this-era bash, be sure to decorate with wild streamers and colour! LOTS of colour! This sets the mood for a pretty happy time!

Loot bags?
I think loot bags with the alien goop recipe, some lollipops and some funky futuristic-glasses are perfect! This way you can have all of the same things in both boys' and girls' bags!

Try some homemade pop out cards with glitter, googley eyes and logos like "Welcome to the year 3000" Or "Fly your time shuttle over to (insert name's here) birthday extravaganza" to really capture the eyes of your potential guests.

I hope this helps! Have a wonderful, out-of-this era party everybody!

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