Fun Halloween Party Ideas

by By Sarah

I am a party girl and I enjoy planning extravagant spooky gatherings with all the trimmings. A Costume Party is a perfect theme for Halloween parties, and allows each guest to show off their superior costume. Of course it's usually hard to start your party off with a huge hit, so I have some ideas to help you with that.

Halloween Party Game Ideas...

I like to have each guest bring a bit of candy to trade with the other children. I personally love the idea of trading your boring and plain candy for a shiny, wrapped sweet treat.

You could also have your guests guess the amount of candy, or creepy crawlies, in a jar. You can count the amount before filling the jar, and give the jar to the person with the closest guess.

For Halloween, you should choose unique games that the guests will not soon forget, like scavenger hunts. Thinking up your own clues will give your guests a unique experience. Think of the clue like writing a poem, and rhyme it to Halloween themed words in a harmonious but spooky way. Last year, for a party I planned, I included group gathering clues where each group would need to figure out the question together, for example, I had each group wrap a teammate in toilet paper. If you don't have the time or creativity to to create your own Halloween Treasure hunt check out the Party Games Plus's unique printable Halloween Treasure Hunt

Halloween Party Food...

Food is also another thing you would not like your guests to forget either. Of course you don't need to slave over a kitchen and bake batches upon batches of goodies; you could probably just look online for a few cookie recipes (I personally like the soft kind), buy a few 12 oz bags of candy, and an inexpensive dinner; such as Haystacks.

Halloween Party Decoration...

Decorating is a key part of having a successful party, in my opinion. If the guests aren’t surrounded by a good atmosphere, they will not be having a good time, meaning that the reviews for your party will not be two thumbs up. Don't get me wrong, you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on decorations. If you have decorations from last year, such as sticky window silhouettes, or fake stringy spider webs, you can use these to perk up your house. If you want to spice up your house even more, go to the dollar store and buy the inexpensive type of decorations, because the odds are that they will last you for another year. Thank you cards are totally optional, but if you really want to show the guests you care, you are welcome to use your imagination! If you want to be simple, you can type up a general thank you note, paste it on some fall colored paper, and deliver in an envelope. Remember, use your imagination, think outside the box, ask your kids what they think, and most likely you will have an outstanding and unique Halloween party!

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