Final Fling Before the Ring
Bachelorette Party Games

Final Fling Before the Ring!

If being out on the scene is what the bachelorette is all about these are the games to play. From truth or dare to scavenger hunts there is an endless amount of fun and laughter that is sure to follow. So collect your besties and set out on an unforgettable night of pre wedding bliss.

Final Fling Bachelorette Party Games
Drink if...

This game is funny and gets harder to keep up with as the night continues. You will need to make a list of reasons that everyone must drink to for the night. For example, drink if you see a bald guy, drink if a guy asks you to dance, drink if you see a man in a dress, drink if you are the youngest in the group at the moment. The person can drink once to the items on the list or each time they occur. You can print out a list for each person to keep with them throughout the night. The person to keep the game going the longest is the winner.

Final Fling Bachelorette Party Games
Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

You will need to make a list or at least twenty things that the guests must accomplish, capture or create before the night is through, see the examples below. Print the list and give one to each guest. They must have proof of each item either by photo, video, witness or some sort of physical proof. Each item on the list will be assigned a point value based on how complicated they are; one being the easiest to complete and three being the hardest to complete. The person with the most points at the end of the night wins the hunt.


  • Put on lipstick and kiss a bald man’s head (2 pts.)
  • Borrow a tampon from a stranger (1 pt.)
  • Ask a stranger for their phone number (1pt.)
  • Take a picture with a strangers pet (2 pt.)
  • Get a stranger to buy you a drink (3 pts.)

Final Fling Bachelorette Party Games
Drunk Dial

This is a drinking version of the game telephone only funnier. Since you will be out on the town with lots of action and noise, this game can be a little harder but makes for funnier results. Gather everyone around and pick someone to start the drunk dial with a random statement. They will whisper it in the ear of the person to their right. The person to the right will take a shot and whisper it to the next person. This continues until it gets to the person to the left of the drunk dialer. They will shout out the statement and if it is wrong the drunk dialer must drink and the next person starts a new drunk dial. If it is the right statement, they will go again. This continues until everyone has been the drunk dialer or someone passes out.

Final Fling Bachelorette Party Games
Happy Wife, Happy Life

For this game all you need is a white t shirt and a couple of magic markers. The bride to be must put on the white t-shirt before you head out for the night. Throughout the night the bride and other guests must get people to write advice on what makes a marriage work, on the bride’s shirt. At the end of the night or the next day, depending on how hard you party, the bride can get a good laugh at the suggestions.

Final Fling Bachelorette Party Games
Empty Your Pockets / Purses

For this game, you need scrap pieces of paper and a pen. On each piece of paper write down one thing a man might carry on himself and one thing a woman might keep with her. Each paper should have something different. As your guests arrive give each person one of the papers. The mission for the night is to collect the items that are on the paper from as many people as you can. When the night ends, the person with the most items wins the game.

Final Fling Bachelorette Party Games
Most Likely To....

For this game you will need to have your drinks and imaginations ready. If you really want to liven things up you can have a stranger come up with and ask the questions. Begin by having someone say, “ Who is most likely to…” and follow it up with whatever they like. For example, “who is most likely to kiss and tell?” Then everyone must shout who they think it would be. If more than two people say the same name, the person who was called out must drink. If no can agree, everyone must drink. Then someone else will ask the question with a different follow up. This continues until everyone has had a turn to ask a question.

Final Fling Bachelorette Party Games
Round for Round

You will need shots and a good memory for this one. Have everyone gather in a circle, around a table is easiest. Pick someone to go first and they must name something to do with marriage that begins with the letter ‘A’. The next person will repeat it and say something to do with marriage that begins with the letter ‘B’. This continues through the alphabet. If someone forgets the list or can’t think of something that starts with the next letter, they must take a shot. The next person will pick up where the previous person left off. This continues until you have gone as far into the alphabet as possible. 

Final Fling Bachelorette Party Games
Dress the Bride

When you send out your invitations ask each guest to bring a wearable item for the bride. It can be beads, buttons, a silly shirt, glitter, colored hairspray, a hat, etc. When everyone arrives have the bride stand in the middle of the group. Everyone will take turns putting their item on the bride for her to wear throughout the night. If she is a good sport, she can try to make it through the whole night wearing the personalized get up but if not you can have her bring an extra outfit for when she has had enough. Make sure to get photos for a future laugh. 

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