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This is one of many pages that we have for fun church party games for Christians. I try to add a little bit of something for everyone, so you will find a mixture of D.I.Y games, group games, kid games, and convenient pick and click to purchase Christian games. Just browse through to find the ones most suitable for your party group. Have Fun!!!


Bible/Church Party Games
Bible Scattergories

How many Bible categories can you match before time runs out? Game play is the same as the popular game of Scattergories, only this time the categories are based on the Bible. Roll the letter die to determine the letter for that round, then start the timer. You rolled a C. Can you think of a place that Christ walked? Canaan. A name for the Holy Spirit? Comforter. Things that separate us from each other? Carelessness. The player with the highest score after 3 rounds is the winner. 

The Game of Scattergories, Bible Edition is a real discussion starter, as you review your answers to categories such as Things to forgive. This game enhances faith, promotes learning, and is just plain fun for the whole family! Game comes with 4 Folders, 4 Answer Pads, 12 Category List Cards, Letter Die, Timer, 4 Pencils, and Game Instructions. For 2 - 4 Players, Ages 8 and Up.

Bible/Church Party Games
true treasure hunt

Why not set up a treasure hunt for your church group. You can use clever biblical clues to lead from one clue to the next finally leading to the “treasure”. A fun way to do this is use bible verses with a word missing that will be the clue to where to find the next clue, and so on. For example:

Genesis 1:28 God blessed them and said to them, “Be ________ and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”

The missing word is “fruitful”, if the group does not know the answer they can look it up in their bible. They will find the next clue under a bowl of fruit. This clue could read:

1 Kings 3:3 Solomon showed his love for the LORD by walking according to the instructions given him by his father David, except that he offered sacrifices and burned incense on the _____________.

The missing word is “high places”, you could tape the next clue onto the ceiling somewhere in the playing area. The next clue could be:

Job 38:29 From whose womb comes the _____? Who gives birth to the frost from the heavens.

The missing word in this clue is “ice”, and they will find the next clue in the freezer.

You can up with plenty of clues for your treasure hunt. At the end you can provide any kind of treasure you want that will go with your party theme.

TIP: to find clues try It has a useful search tool where you can put a word in and they will show you the bible verses that contain that word. Perfect for finding fun clues.

Bible/Church Party Games
truth or lie

In this game you let three people pick an index card. two cards read “lie” while the other reads “truth”. All the rest of the players are the truth seekers. Now you ask them all to answer a biblical question. If you ask biblical question then the two that have the “lie” card must make up an answer but try to convince the truth seekers that they are the ones telling the truth. The one with the truth card must tell the true answer. In case the “true” person does not know the answer you should provide all three with the answer written on a piece of paper. The other players have to pick which one they think is telling the truth. Let everyone have a chance to be one of the three to answer.

Bible/Church Party Games
who am I?

This is a fun icebreaker game. Write the name of biblical figures on index cards. When guests arrive, tape or pin an index card to their backs. They are not allowed to look who is written on their card. They must mingle with the other guests and ask questions to try and figure out who they are. Give a small prize to everyone who figures out who they are in the first 30 minutes.

Bible/Church Party Games
human tic tac toe

Divide players into two teams, the X’s and the O's. Create a large tic-tac-toe board on the floor using painters tape. Ask questions to one player at a time, alternating between teams. If a player answers correctly they may take a space on the board. Just like in tic-tac-toe the first team that has three players in a row wins. Play best out of eight to crown the champions.

Bible/Church Party Games
bible family feud

This party game is a blast. Divide players into teams of five or six. Teams must try to name all the answers in a certain category. To start the game flip a coin. Whichever team wins the coin toss can choose to play or pass. TO PLAY: You’ll need to think of at least 6 different categories to play. Some examples:

  • The Seven Deadly Sins
  • The Ten Commandments
  • The First Eight books of the Bible
  • The Names of The Twelve Apostles
  • The Seven Heavenly Virtues
  • 10 plagues of Moses

Write each separate answer on a strip of poster board. Before each category is called out, pin each answer for that category onto a cork board facing backwards so the contestants can see them (or tape them up on a wall). Make sure you know which answer is where.

Starting with the team that won the toss up, have each player give an answer to the category. They cannot have any help from their other team mates. If they answer correctly turn over that answer, if it is wrong the team receives a strike. Now it’s the next players turn.

The players take turn answering the question until they get them all correct OR receive three strikes. If they get them all correct then they receive two points for each answer and you move onto the next  category (and the next team starts). If they receive three strikes first the other team has ONE chance to steal . They can discuss it together and then offer one final answer. If that answer is on the board then they win all the points showing for that category. If it is not then the first team gets to keep all the points they earned and the rest of the answers are revealed. After move on to the next category starting with the other team.

Bible/Church Party Games
inkling bible game

Inklings Board Game is a fantastic game to that you can play with 2-24 players!!! What separates Inklings from other Q and A games is that the players are given progressively easier clues that direct players to the answers. This game asks questions starting at a very difficult level and gradually giving more clues that make it easier and easier, so it is a good for mixed groups of Bible experts and children. The team who uses the best strategy (not necessarily the one who knows more answers) will win this game. Don’t be afraid to wait for enough clues to be sure or to take a chance on the harder clues.

Bible/Church Party Games
building bridges

This is a fun game that encourages team work. Provide each player a piece of poster board and explain that they must get across the yard or playing area without touching the ground using only the poster boards. The trick is they will have to work as a team using everyone’s boards to make it across, but don’t tell them that. They must figure it out on their own.

Bible/Church Party Games
bible guesstures

ACT UP! ACT OUT! ACT FAST! The best selling game of split-second charades now comes in a fun-filled Bible Edition! QUICK! You only have few short seconds per word! Your four words this round are Baptize, Cross, Moses and Lamb. It looks easy, but it's not. As soon as your team guesses the word on the card - grab it before it gets swallowed by the card-hungry MIMER TIMER. Then hurry on to the next card! The harder the word, the more points it's worth. Grab the most points to win! Ages 12 and Up, 4 or more Players.


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