Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Party

by Nicole Hallway
(Coral Springs, FL)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Party

decorations (candies to hang, lollipop streamers)
make Willy Wonka contract to sign
lickable wallpaper (fruit roll up strips)
print out Oompa Loompa and their hair (pin the wig on it)
Print out BINGO cards
Make mini cupcakes
Funny dress up clothes for relay contest

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Party

For walls: Make giant candy by turning two small paper plates face to face and wrapping them in sparkly tissue paper. Tie each end with curling ribbon to look like hard candy.
For walkway: Large paper plates w/a dowel rod at the bottom of the plate and tie ribbon around the bottom to look like a sucker. Line the sidewalk leading up to the door.
Play Willy Wonka Soundtrack out front for arriving guests.
Candies hanging on all trees.
Lollipop streamers - hang them on string vertically like beads on a door.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Party

As the guests arrive (the ones on time), have them wait out front (Willy Wonka songs playing). Dave arrives as Willy Wonka on a scooter with a large W on it. He talked to them for a minute and tells them he forgot that it was the day of the factory tour and he didn't know why they were there. He leads them inside.
Take golden tix and give out name tags.
Have kids sign the traditional WW contract on the wall w/sharpie and feather for quill
As we wait for other arrivals, have "Charlie Bucket" burping contest: pass out sodas and then have kids go up stairs trying to burp; everytime they burp they get to go up one step.
Lickable wallpaper hanging in foyer

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Party

Pin the wig on the Oopma Loompa
Play "Hot Lollipop" like hot potato: use large lollipop as hot potato and each child gets a small one when they were out and the winner got to keep the large one. Use the music from Willy Wonka for the game.
Violet bubble gum blowing contest for the first bubble gets the prize (using sour gum to surprise them).
Mike TV M&M bingo: Copy candy wrappers and make cards. Use M&M's as markers.
Jelly Belly game: Blindfold them and have them guess the jelly belly flavor. Throw in some of the gross Harry Potter flavors.
Make candy necklaces: string Life Savers. marshmallows, gummy bears, gum drops, etc.
Chocolate fountain (dipping strawberries, bananas, etc)
Decorate mini cupcake station
Create the Everlasting Gobstopper: each child receives molding clay of different colors and creates their own gobstopper.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Party

Have an Oompa Loompa Dress-Up Relay Race. Put a couple of funny costumes together that look like the characters from the movie. Have the kids dress up, race to the other end, and return, take off the costume, and the next kid must do the same

The Augustus Gloop Race: Pair off the kids and have them hold balloons on their stomach between them and they have to hold it to the finish line and give it to their teammate.

Hunt for the starburst. Divide the kids in four teams, one for each color and they have to find the starburst of their teams color that are hidden in the yard.

Gobstopper popper: Use a small parachute w/multiple colors. Each child grabs a handle and that is what color they are. Fill the parachute with colored balls. The kids pop the parachute up and down until all of the balls fly off. The last ball to be popped off is the winning ball. Whatever color that ball is, the child holding that color on the parachute wins.
Movie plays on continous loop in backyard on big screen.

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