Charades with Funny Feelings

by Martin Woods
(Derbyshire UK)

Party game box

Party game box

We've just launched a game on Kickstarter called Funny Feeling -, which we're hoping will generate enough pledges for us to publish a finished party game this summer.

Here's a way that you could play aspects of the game with a pen and paper.

Give everyone 15 pieces of paper (ideally 5 pieces each of different colored paper) and ask them to write:

5 feelings
5 characters or roles
5 activities

Place all the Feelings, Characters and Activities together in separate piles and shuffle them.

Next place 9 of the Feelings and 6 of the Characters face-up on a table.

The first player then takes an Activity card and reads it out loud in a neutral voice. They then have to mime the activity for up to 1 minute in the style of 1 of the 9 Feelings and 6 Characters - they choose (e.g. a frustrated bear or relaxed soldier).

Other players guess which they're miming by grabbing the Feeling and Activity cards, or if someone already has the one they think is correct, they pass. Correct answers keep the cards, which count as a point. If a player gets both answers (the Feeling and the Activity) wrong, they have to put a card back at the bottom of the pile.

The winner is the one with the most cards when all the activities have been mimed (use less cards if it's a very large group!)

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