Blind man's bluff

by Tiffany
(Baton rouge,LA)

This game is for six or more players and should be played outside. To play, all you need is a blindfold. You will want to supervise carefully so no one goes out of the game boundaries. Start off by picking one person to go first. Blindfold this player and spin him or her around a few times so they are a bit disoriented. Then they have to try and find another player by holding their arms out in front of them. When someone is caught, they have to guess who it is. If they are right, then the blindfold is switched to them. If they guess incorrectly, they have to stay blindfolded for another round. The game can go on until everyone has had a turn to be blindfolded. Before you play, make sure that the players are okay with having their eyes covered. Also, if any of the players have glasses, they should be removed when it's their turn to be blindfolded.