Big Bang Theory Drinking Game
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Big Bang Theory Drinking Game

This isn't your ordinary drinking game!  This printable game is made to play while you watch the Big Bang Theory.  Every one is dealt cards with scenarios they are likely to see on the show.  When someone see's something happening on the show they lay the card down and make someone drink! More details below.

How do you play the Big Bang Theory Drinking Game?

To start the game everyone is assigned a color. There are four colors, so if you have more than four players some people will be assigned the same color.  That is ok, it doesn't affedt game play.  This game was created to be played with 4 - 8 players.  Though if you have less you can still make it work easily.

Game includes 8 tent cards

Next, each player is dealt four drink cards. This set comes with 56 drink cards.  Cards can be reused during the same game.

48 of the cards include scenarios that quite possibly can be seen in the show.  Each of these cards are color coded either red,green,yellow, or blue.

If a player see's a scenarios happening on the show that matches one on their cards they can lay they card down.  Whoever color the card is then that person has to drink!

Once you play a card, you pick another one up so that you always have four cards in your hand.

There are also 8 special cards included. These cards are the Bazinga Cards and the Swap In! Cards.  

If you hold a Bazinga card in your hand then when someone lays down a card to make you drink you can lay down the Bazinga card and they have to take the drink instead.

If you hold a Swap In! card in your hand then you can lay it down anytime and everyone can trade in as many cards as they want for new ones.  Then you get to make one person drink.

How do you Win the Game?

Every time you make someone else drink you get a Bazinga token. One token per card used. The first person to collect 5 tokens wins!

That's it - easy as pi. Watching Big Bang Theory will take on a whole new twist.  Have fun and drink responsibly.

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This printable game includes:

  • Complete Instructions
  • 8 colored tent cards
  • 48 scenario cards
  • 8 special cards
  • 35 Bazinga tokens

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