Time to grab the “bull” by the horns and hope other players don’t call your bluff! Balderdash game features interesting, unbelievably true content and categories about people, words, initials, and movies. Once a category is chosen and the question is read, each player writes down what they think the definition or answer to the question is. Everyone then votes on which card they believe to contain the true answer.

The real fun begins when the phony definitions are read along with the legitimate ones! Can you fake it till you make it? Points are earned by fooling other players into believing your bluff as well as choosing the real answer. You will laugh out loud as you hear the hilarious, clever, creative definitions! This party favorite includes clue cards, game board, movers, die, and instructions.

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Every time I play this game, I end up laughing so hard I cry. I bought this for a Yankee swap gift, but if I don't win it back, I'm going to shell out another $15 to re-buy for myself. I have a friend with this game and many other games, and as long as you have a fun creative group that doesn't mind a little writing, it is truly a hilarious game. Don't replay with lame people. If you don't like the game, you are either a lame person or you played with lame people. Find a new group or start to let loose and wild and don't feel so uptight! This game is so much fun! We still crack up over answers we have all written!

The game is simple and fun and causes you to stretch that imagination of yours... you have five category's on a card.. on the reverse side is the correct answer to each category. Each person writes down a 'good' answer to the category word or description. A roll of the dice will tell you which category you are going to be using and you also have a game board where you get points if you guess the correct answer etc.. All answers are read out-loud along with the correct one and then each player must guess which answer is the correct one etc

My fav category is Laughable Laws which had everyone laughing when all the answers were read off...(did you know that in key west florida no one is allowed to race turtles within the city limits?)

My household is a household that LOVES to play games, be it card games, board games, or dice games. While this game isn't intended for an audience under probably 13 years old, it's perfect for adults. One of the greatest things that I personally love about this game is you don't have to know anything about the subjects. In fact, I believe the game was intended to have topics so obscure that most people WON'T know what they are. It's a game of bluffing and making up answers to try and fool people into guessing your answer. I love using my imagination and I love making up stories, so this game suits me quite well. I mentioned before that I wouldn't advise it for audiences under 13 years old, not because it's mature in nature, but because answers have to be properly structured and educated, otherwise, participants will easily distinguish a "made up" answer from the real answer, placing that person at a severe disadvantage.

It's a quick play and from start to finish is about 30 minutes with 4 people and an hour for 6-8 people.

While this game isn't for everybody, it's perfect for those who love bluffing and love telling stories. It's the perfect game that will teach you how to BS your way through any dead situation. You'll also learn some interesting and entertaining facts through playing this game.

If you're looking for something to occupy you and your friends at parties, or you and your family on game nights, then I would highly recommend this game

This has been a hit with every group of people I've played it with. The game is simple, one person reads a question and everyone writes down an answer in secret. The person who read the question then reads all the answers and the other players vote on which answer they think is the correct one. You get a number of points equal to how many people voted for your answer. The questions are so ridiculous that the answers will all sound made up and odds are no one knows the correct answer.

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