Bachelorette Drinking Games

Sometimes a Bachelorette party can start to wind itself down without purpose. This leaves the host with the burden of finding a way to get everyone back into party mode and enjoying the brides last night out before saying I Do. What better way to get the party restarted than a couple of funny and sometimes revealing drinking games? Cut loose a bit and try out some of these hilariously entertaining Bachelorette Party drinking games. 

Bachelorette Drinking Games
Sip, Drink, & Finish

This game can be rather simple or if you want to spruce it up it can be altered to be a bit more complex if you think the group can handle it. It’s usually best to have a designated area to play like, your own table at the bar, that way you can keep track of one another. Everyone will start the game with a fresh drink. The rules of the game are to take a sip of your drink if someone mentions the groom, take a drink if someone says the brides name and finish your drink if someone talks about the wedding. You can change the rules for this game to suit your surroundings but you will find it’s easier to stay basic as the game goes on and things become a little sillier and harder to grasp.

Bachelorette Drinking Games
Who really knows the Bride?

You will need a piece of poster board, a marker, pens and scrap pieces of paper. On the poster board you will need to list at least ten questions that pertain to the bride and her life. For example you can ask, what is the bride’s favorite color, when was the brides first kiss, how did the bride and groom meet? Try to throw in some harder questions to give people a bit of a challenge. Once you have the poster board ready you will display it somewhere all of the guests will be able to read it. Give each guest a piece of scrap paper and a pen and have them attempt to answer each question correctly. Once everyone has finished writing down their answers you will ask the bride the questions and she will give the correct answers. The person with the most correct answers wins the game.

Bachelorette Drinking Games
Naughty Hottie

When you send out the invitations for the Bachelorette party make a note that everyone should bring a small gift of lingerie/bedroom wear of some sort unwrapped. As your guests arrive, place the lingerie items in a big bag. Once everyone has arrived, you will shuffle everything around in the bag and hand it to the bride. Give all of the guests and the bride a filled shot glass. The bride will pull out a lingerie item and guess who bought it. If she gets it right then everyone else takes a shot, but if she gets it wrong then she has to take the shot. This continues until all the lingerie has been sorted out and then everyone can reveal who bought what. 

Bachelorette Drinking Games
Mimic Me

This game is great entertainment whether drinking or not but definitely gets funnier when you are getting tipsy along the way. Prepare a tray of filled shot glasses and sit it on a table. Once all the guests have arrived, you will have everyone gather in the room with the shots. The bride will begin the game by displaying some sort of talent that she has. It can be anything from singing or can go strong like the ability to do a good strip tease. Everyone must follow in suit and display the same talent. If they refuse or are unable to do it well they have to take a shot. Then the next person will go and display a talent of their on for others to mimic. This continues until the talent has run out or someone has passed.  

Bachelorette Drinking Games
Never Have I Ever...

This game is one of the revealing and evenly hilarious games to play. Everyone will start out with a drink of their choice in front of them. Let the bride be the first to start the game off. She will begin by saying “Never have I ever…” and follow it up with something that she has never done. For example she could say “Never have I ever been streaking”. Anyone who has done what was stated must take a drink or shot. The person to the right of the bride will go next. The game continues until everyone has had a turn or two or everyone is ready to tap out.

Bachelorette Drinking Games

You will need paper, a marker and a bowl for this game. Write down the name of an ex of the bride or other guests on each sheet of paper, fold them up and place them in a bowl. Once everyone is ready to play the game you will have everyone gather in the same room. Have everyone take a shot together to get the game started and the last person to finish their shot will start the game. They will pull a name from the bowl and read it to themselves. They now have two minutes to act out this person without giving away who they are. They can portray their bad habits, actual situations that may have occurred or whatever they feel points out who they are. If someone guesses correctly they get to go next and assign someone to take a shot. If no one guesses correctly the person portraying the ex has to take the shot and assign the next person to go. This game keeps going until all of the names are out of the bowl.

Bachelorette Drinking Games
Pitcher Pass Off

This is a beer drinkers game and played best when out and about at a bar or nightclub but can be played at home as long as you have a pitcher to use. Order or prepare a pitcher of beer and have everyone stand in a circle around a table. The bride will begin the game by drinking as much beer from the pitcher as she likes. She will then pass it to the person to her left and they will drink as much or as little as the like. This will continue until the pitcher starts to get really low. The person to finish the pitcher off is the winner and the person who passed it to the winner is the loser because they couldn’t finish it.

Bachelorette Drinking Games
Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

Print out your list of things to complete for the night and give a copy to each guest. They must have a witness, video or a photo of each thing completed throughout the night. The person with the most done wins the scavenger hunt. 

  1.  Get someone to buy you a drink
  2.  Loose the beat when you are dancing (go slow if it’s a fast song, go fast if it’s a slow song)
  3.  Take a picture with a drag queen/cross dresser
  4.  Kiss a bald man’s head
  5.  Buy a stranger a drink
  6.  Enter a conversation with a group of people you do not know
  7.  Convince someone to propose to you
  8.  Get a stranger to reveal a deep secret
  9.  Give a back massage to an elderly person
  10.  Collect three different types of coasters
  11.  Put on lipstick and sneak a kiss onto someone’s shirt
  12.  Put a paper bag over your head and introduce yourself to someone
  13.  Find a newly married couple and take a picture with them
  14.  Do a random handstand 
  15.  Get a stranger to autograph your cheek

Bachelorette Drinking Games
Free Bachelorette Party Game Printable

Click on the pic below to check out mommy's obsessions blog and score this free bachelorette party printable game. She has some really fun ideas, so check her out!

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