Alice in Wonderland Birthday Ideas
BY : Brandy of Austin , Texas

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Ideas

The invitations for the party were classic red, white and black and done in the style of an "announcement from the white rabbit of the Red Queen's tea party". 

Invitations were tied with tulle with a circle printable that said "open me" and either a lock or a key tied to it. We had about 10 people in costume and on the invitation added "foolish attire" so many of our guest came dressed up as characters as well.

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Ideas
Down the Rabbit Hole Grand Entrace

We had laser engraved wooden signs throughout the party. On the front door was the first that read "Welcome to Wonderland". The guests then entered a blacked out room with a fog machine.

 We showed the segment from the movie (on projection screen) of Alice falling down the hole to Wonderland followed by a custom message from the White rabbit. (we show a picture of the white rabbit and used a voice translation software to deliver the party events with a british accent). The guests were then instructed to follow the rabbit footprints to Wonderland. (these were printed online from an Easter website). Music was a mixture of the old and new movies. 

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Ideas

We had playing cards everywhere too- regular ones on all the food tables 8x11 ones on all the walls and windows and giant ones we used as costumes for the card men.

Outside we had about 30 paper lanterns hung from fishing line all over the yard, we also had disco balls, butterflies and anything else bright and shiny we could find to hang. The yard was outlined in giant pinwheels (which doubled as party favors). We had a table set for 30 kids in the middle complete with mismatched tea cups and tea pots that we had gathered from thrift stores. We also had a few vases with white plastic roses with some red paint on them and some red covered paint brushes. Of course the dormouse was in another teapot. The table was scattered from cutouts from an old Alice and Wonderland book.

We had another wooden sign that read "this way, that way, etc" this was next to two giant mushrooms (upside down 5 gallon buckets painted and we made big pillow top covered with polka dot fabric). On top of this was a 7 ft stuffed caterpillar- we had a bubble machine behind him to mimic him smoking.

The birthday boy and girls chairs were wooden chairs we painted in funky colors and covered with tulle, feathers and pom poms. We wrote "Mad Hatter" for my son and "Alice" for my daughter with foam letters- on the top I made a two toned blue pom pom caterpillar with half closed googly eyes. The rest of the party chairs were each tied with tulle and a flower (all chairs were unique and we used some benches as well to give the same feel as the book), we also had a chair in each guest tea cup.

Other decorations included lots of colorful lollipops (even found some butterfly/caterpillar ones), flamingo straws, extra long (2 ft) straws

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Ideas
Games & Activities

We had a croquet court set up (again laser engraved sign to match one we saw in the book) and live size painted and cut out wooden characters for the croquet "balls" to go through. We used regular croquet mallets and attached plastic pink flamingos to them and for the balls we used stuffed hedgehog toys.

We made a giant spinning tea cup out of a huge planter that my husband modified with a few sit and spins and we had styrofoam blocks covered with glitter to be the sugar that sat on the side of the saucer. Kids loved this ride because you could sit in it and spin! We also had a 8x8 plywood dance floor that we used for freeze dance (mimicked the first room Alice fell into).

One of the activities was design your own "mad hat" and we purchased a bunch of different hats from the dollar tree and boas, birds, stickers, feathers to decorate.

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Ideas
Wonderland Cake

The birthday "cake" was actually a big stand of cake pops we made- to mimic the firework birthday cake from the movie we inserted a bunch of sparklers in the middle of the display instead of candles.

I am sure I am missing something but it was a great party!


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