What's Missing? Super MArio Edition
- Print & Play PArty Game -

What's Missing is a printable party game where players take turns using the What's Missing Cover-Up Card to hide one of the  Super Mario Characters on the Print & Play Game Board. 

Spread out around the board are the Super Mario Character  Cards - one for each character on the board.  When players find the card with the image they believe is hidden beneath the What's Missing card they slap their hand on it and call out FOUND IT! That player gets to be the next player to pick the hidden image. 

The game board (below) prints out on two separate sheets of standard 8x11 paper. You connect the two sheets to create a 16x22 party game board.

What's Missing Super Mario Edition Board

What's Missing Super Mario Edition game cards

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This Print & Play party game includes:

  • 36 Super Mario Character Cards
  • Game Board
  • What's Missing Cover-Up Card
  • How to Play Instructions
  • 5 Print & Play Pages

Bonus Game: Print out two sets of the Character Cards and you can also play the match game!

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