the office trivia treasure hunt
printable party game

Our exclusive The Office trivia treasure hunt is the perfect party game to test you and your guest knowledge of one of my favorite sitcoms - The Office!

This printable treasure hunt includes a variety of clues made up of trivia, puzzles, and games. Every clue is filled with a variety of trivia and each challenging clue leads to the next until all 9 are solved and players find the "treasure". The treasure can be whatever you want it to be, or just bragging rights.

printable the office trivia treasure hunt

One of the most unique things about our treasure hunts is that YOU decide where the hiding locations.  That means you can play ANYWHERE!  

This game can be played cooperatively (all in one group) or competitively, where teams compete against each other.  This hunt can be played with as many players as you want - the more the better!

Each team starts out with a clue location sheet and the starter clue.  Each clue has a numerical answer, so if the team determines the answer is say 16 - then they look on their clue location sheet and whatever location is written for number 16 is where they look for their next clue.  

If they are right they will find another clue, if they are wrong the will find a Try Again token and if you would like you can come up with a fun consequence for each wrong answer.

The hunt continues like this until all 9 clues have been solved and the final "You Win" card has been found.

PRINTABLE tHe ofice trivia treasure hunt
sample clues

There are multiple types of puzzles, games, and trivia cards that are used as clues throughout the hunt.  Each one of clues has a numerical answer.

Players choose which one they believe is the correct answer and look it up on their clue locator sheet. 

The clue locator sheet is a list from numbers 1 -50 of different locations that YOU CHOOSE beforehand.  

So if players believe the answer to the question below is say 25, then they would find location 25 listed on their clue locator sheet and search their for the next clue.

Deciding Clue locations

The way that we created this The Office trivia treasure hunt was so that host could set it up anywhere, and wouldn't have to depend on using generic hiding places.  So if your event is taking place at home, or in the woods, in a cave, or on a train, in a school, or across an entire town - you can play this ANYWHERE.  

There are nine hiding places where clues will be hidden, the other 41 spaces are for Try Again tokens to be hidden.  Once you determine your fifty hiding locations you can edit this sheet and type them in. Then you simply follow our instructions as to which number locations you hide each clue and each token.  Voila - you are ready to start the hunt!

ALTERNATIVE TO HIDING CLUES: Instead of hiding spots you can tape numbered envelopes to a wall.  Players solve the clues as they normally would, but  the envelopes would replace the hiding locations.   If they solve the clue correctly the envelope they choose will have the next clue. If they choose the incorrect answer then the envelope they open will contain consequence cards with funny or challenging dares players must perform in order to try again.  The envelope that is the correct answer to the final clue will hold a message telling where the treasure is hidden.

ALTERNATIVE TO TREASURE HUNT:  Instead of hiding the clues and having players find each clue one at a time you can divide your players into teams and give them each all 9 clues at once.  The first team to get the 9 numbered code (the answers to each of the clues) correct first wins!

try again cards

Try Again cards are what are found when players get an answer wrong and choose the wrong location to look for the next clue.
A fun thing to do is add a consequence for every card found. Some choose a silly action or other like to make a team eliminate a player for each wrong answer.

Technically, you don't have to include the Try Again element to the game.  Tokens are an addition that add a level of excitement to the game. 

Basically it creates a penalty for getting an answer wrong, yes players can continue the game and try a different answer but they lose one of their team members - this creates a desire to try a little harder to get the answer right the first time.

OPTIONAL: Some host like to give teams a way to earn back lost players by letting them take bonus challenges during the game.  These challenges are decided and created by the host.  Sometimes its a game of chance, a game of skill, or more Office trivia they must answer.  If the player or team win the challenge they also win their team mate back.  Sometimes host even make this a gamble, if they win they get their teammate back, but if they lose they lose another team mate. This is completely optional, but something to think about.

Your Office Trivia Treasure Hunt includes:

  • 9 printable themed clues (2 per page)
  • You Win card
  • Answer sheet for each clue
  • Editable Clue Master sheet
  • printable Try Again Cards
  • Complete Set-Up and Host Guide

Game Play 30-45 minutes

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Order below for $12.99.  Hunt is available for download as soon as payment is complete.  It is PDF file that can be opened and printed using Adobe Reader.  If you have any questions about this hunt please email us at  Thanks - we look forward to hearing your success story!

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