magic party tricks
visitor submission by debra B.

magic party tricks
the telepathic wizard

One of my most successful  party stunts was regarding “telepathy”  etc.  I call it the Wizard.

Ask one of your guests to select  a card from a deck.  Everyone can see that it is for example, a 10 of diamonds.

Next inform the group that if they all concentrate hard on the card that the wizard will be able to tell them what the card is.  Of course much skepticism is evident.

Then proceed to call the Wizard on the phone in front of everyone.  (Wizard is a prearranged person that knows approximately when you will call)

WHen the 'Wizard answers say (into the phone): “Is the Wizard in?”  

The wizard speaks  (Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7,8,9,10, J, Q, K,)

interrupt immediately when they get to the number your card is by saying:

 “Can I speak to him please”

Wizard speaks:  Hearts, Spades. Diamonds  -Again interrupt him and say “Just a minute please”

(the wizard now knows the card is the 10 of diamonds.

Finally turn the phone over to the person that chose the card and he hears a mysterious voice intoning

"The ten of Diamonds, the ten of Diamonds. the then of diamonds.'  If you could have a voice changer it

would add to the mystery.


THE coin & the funnel

My other favorite party stunt that creates a lot of laughs is The coin & funnel”  Not sure if it is called a funnel

You make the announcement that you are going to have a competition to see how many times the competitor can drop the coin (which is placed on their forehead) into the funnel. You state that the Record stands at 22 successful attempts.  You select someone who is a "good sport” (preferably a man)

and have him come up and place the funnel into the top of his slacks.  You place the coin on his forehead and have him lean way back and then instruct him to slowly move head forward and hopefully drop the coin in the funnel.  You then give him two practice tries.

You tell the competitor  that he now must try the test for real.  You emphasize that he must lean way back

(which gives you time to pick up the pitcher of cold water behind you and pour water into the funnel. ) This gets a very quick reaction from the victim and a lot of laughs from the audience.

But wait - the jokes on them.

Then the grand finale.  

You have prearranged with one of the group to be out of the room while the previous action was taking place and this person has put a hot water bottle into his slacks.  He then enters the room and says “What’s all the big laugh about” and you again explain the coin & funnel game and ask if he would like to try it.  He of course says yes. 

Important:  If possible try to have this person be someone of importance (a boss, a stranger to the group etc.)  When I did this I had a Priest arranged to do this.  It is so much more fun if people are thinking “Oh no,not this person”.

You then hand the funnel to the new competitor and he inserts the funnel into the neck of the hot water bottle.

We then proceeded as before and when I started pouring water into the funnel the group where killing themselves laughing (one woman was rolling on the floor)

But much to their surprise - no reaction from the competitor, so we tried it again (making sure everyone can see the water pouring into the tunnel) again no reaction from the victim.  After much laughter and questions. the competitor then proceeded to pull the hot water bottle from his slacks and show everyone.  If you prefer - don’t show water bottle and leave everyone mystified.

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