Little Monster Scavenger Hunt

My little monster scavenger hunt is part of our Little Monster party game collection.

It is the perfect addition to your little monster party games. Most scavenger hunt offers a list of different objects for the player to find or locate. In this printable scavenger hunt each child is assigned a color and must find the six monster that match that color hidden throughout the party area.

There are six sets of monsters so if you have more than six players you will need to have players team up.  After each set is found that player / team recieves a piece of a puzzle.  When all the players / teams get their piece of the puzzle they must put it together to win the game and recieve their prize. 


This scavenger hunt was designed for children 3-8. It involves no reading so it is perfect for pre readers. This printable game makes a fun and exciting addition to any monster themed birthday party.

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