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Need to Recover your printables from a previous purchase? 


Can't find your download link for the printables you just purchased?

It should have arrived in your inbox within moments of ordering, if you didn't find it there then it is probably in your junk folder - this is due to your email settings.  Please search this folder and let me know if it is not found.  The other reason this might occur is you may have mistyped the email address on the order form. If that is the case let me know and I will resend the files to the email I received your message from. 

Is your download acting wonky or giving you trouble editing?

The #1 culprit for this kind of behavior is caused when you open your file in a PDF reader other than Adobe Reader.  Double check to make sure that your file is opening in the correct program.  You may need to redownload and open the new file properly. No worries, if you ever run out of the 25 download attempts just contact me and I will reset them. 

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NOTE: If this is in regards to your printables please review our Printable FAQ Guide first, that usually clears up most questions. If you can't find what you are looking for there just let me know. 

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