5 second rule!
uncensored adults only version

Have you heard about the game 5 Second Rule?!

Maybe you've watched Ellen play the original game with guests on her show, or maybe you've seen the funny videos...

Well, since the original is so popular, we put our 'uncensored hats' on and cooked up this new, adult version!

Same game play--name three things in five seconds--but the topics are a bit more risque, or in touch with pop culture. So...your answers can get more uncensored!

And, yes, the game includes the famous silly zooooop marble timer, just a bit smaller for easier travel, and with a color makeover for a fresh look!

Get together with friends and let the good (uncensored!) times roll!

what people are saying about this game...

This game is definitely aimed at an older audience, and an older audience that doesn't mind intimate and also crude subject matter. There are a bunch of cards, each with two topics (one on each side) so you get a lot of play before having to start back with repeating cards again. That is always a plus for these types of games. Not to give away all the topics, but there are plenty of other cards, so just to give you an idea (besides the 3 example cards that are shown in the description), here are a few more:

Name 3 -

  • wet things
  • things you shouldn't say in front of kids
  • people who need to get laid
  • things you can do with a condom
  • nicknames for urination
  • bad ideas for a password
  • tv shows that need more sex
  • ways to have an orgasm

So you can see they get pretty raunchy. Then again, it is the *Uncensored* addition. So as long as you know what you are getting here, you should have fun playing.

This game a a lot of fun, though I will say it is a bit better with about 3-5 players than with more than that. It ends up suffering from the same problem as Cards Against Humanity with too many people playing, where there ends up being a weird lull in the game when everybody isn't actively involved.

I love this game! It is exactly what I was hoping for. Compact and easy to carry to parties. There are SO MANY cards that this game could last for years and you would never get bored. Can't wait to take this on an upcoming vacation!

Great Fun. It is much more difficult than you would think. 7-10 seconds would be easy, but 5-seconds is so difficult and that what makes it so much fun. Trying to remember what someone else has stated also makes it much harder if the question is passed on. Brings out the racy side of people on quite a few occasions. You will love this game.

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