Christmas Party Office Games

It’s that lovely time of year again that also happens to be the stressful time of year. Getting the employees to be hyped about the holidays can be quite the daunting task. But, fear not because we have some Office Christmas Party Games that will have everyone involved and forgetting their stresses for the day. All you need to do is supply the employees and we will take care of the games. So get ready to laugh and cut loose with the people you see day in and day out…and love it!

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Christmas Office Party Games!

Christmas Party Office Games
Ugly Sweater Contest

This has become quite a popular thing to do not just at the office but schools, homes, and churches are also finding this irresistible. When you announce the office party let everyone know there will be an ugly sweater contest and to dress accordingly. The sweaters can be bought or homemade, just make sure they are ugly. 

Have paper and pen ready at the party for the employees to use to vote for who they believe has the ugliest sweater. Tally the votes and announce the winner at the end of the party and award them with a prize.

Christmas Party Office Games
That's a Wrap!

This is a fun little way to get a bit of competition going with the employees. You will need wrapping paper, several sizes of boxes, scissors, and tape. Place the supplies on a table and ask for volunteers. Each person will have to wrap a present as fast as they can. The person to wrap the present in a neat manner and the quickest wins the game. Keep the competition going until there is one person left who wraps the best.

Christmas Party Office Games
Christmas Memories

 This game will test everyone’s attention to detail. You will need a tray and several Christmas related items like: a candy cane, an ornament, a stocking, a cookie, etc. Arrange the items on the tray and take a photo of them. As the office party is going, invite employees to take turns looking at the tray. Now take everything off of the tray and allow someone feeling confident they remember the arrangement on the tray, to put things back in the exact order. The person or people to do it correctly win.

Christmas Party Office Games
Cookie Exchange

Invite each employee to bring two to three dozen of their favorite Christmas cookies in but not to tell anyone what they are bringing. You will need a container for each employee participating to take cookies home in, paper and pens. Place a number in front of each tray of cookies. As the employees are filling their containers to take home, they will use the pen and paper and write down who they believe brought which cookies. The person with the most correct guesses wins a small prize, usually something like a half gallon of milk or a mug works well as a gift at a cookie exchange.

Christmas Party Office Games
Oh Christmas Tree

This game will help getting the employees to work as a team and introduce a little bit of healthy competition. You will need several rolls of green streamer, plastic ornaments with hooks, and tinsel.  Have the employees separate into even numbered teams, if possible. Put the same amount of streamer, ornaments, and tinsel in front of each team. The teams will select someone to act as the tree and the others will be the elves who decorate it. When the game begins the teams will race to decorate their tree the fastest. But, they must use each item and nothing can fall off when they are done. The first to complete their tree wins the game.

Christmas Party Office Games
Christmas Kisses

Don’t let the title of the game scare you, this is completely safe to play in the office. You will need several pairs of fluffy mittens and Hershey kisses. Have the employees separate into groups. Give each group a bowl of Hershey Kisses. The players will select someone to be the first to go and this person will put the mittens on. When the game begins they will pick up a Hershey kiss and unwrap it. Once it is unwrapped they will put it back in the bowl, take off the mittens and pass them to the next player. The teams must get each player to successfully unwrap two kisses each while wearing the mittens. It is much harder than you think but the first team to get it done wins a prize. Usually a bag of kisses or the large kiss in a box is a good prize to give out.

Christmas Party Office Games
Christmas Guess Who!

When you are announcing the office party ask each employee to bring in a picture of them as a child at Christmas time. Once you have collected all of the pictures you will need to tape them to a large poster board and number the photos. Place a stack of index cards and pens in front of the poster board. When the employees arrive invite them to take a guess at who each person is in the photos. They will write their name on the index cards and hand them to you after they are done guessing. Collect all of the index cards then shuffle them and hand them out to the employees. Go through the pictures and identify each person. The employees will check their cards to see what is correct on them and the person with the most correct guesses on the card they hold will announce who the winner is and they wins a small prize.

Christmas Party Office Games
Worst Christmas Present Ever

 This game is played much like two truth and a lie.  Players must share two of the worst Christmas presents they ever got, and make up a bad Christmas present.  The other players must try and guess which one of the presents is a lie.  

Give each player a three cards, marked 1,2, and 3.  When they make their guess they hold up that card. Give each player a point for every "lie" they detect correctly.

Christmas Party Office Games
Ornament Dunkle 

Remove the hook from an ornament (the lighter the better) and replace it with a clothespin.  When the party begins try and pin it on a guest without them noticing.  If they catch you then you have to keep the ornament and you can not try and pin them again (though the next person can).  When a person discovers they have been pinned with the ornament then they must try and pin someone else.

At different intervals during the party (it could be every half hour, every hour, etc) ring a bell.  Whoever has the ornament in their possession at the time must take a shot, or some other fun "consequence".

Christmas Party Office Games
Left/Right Gift Exchange

Looking for a fun way to give out Christmas gifts.  Right Left games make it a bit more interesting.  Everyone gathers in a circle, and the gift are passed out.  Now comes the fun part.  Read the left/right story and whenever the word RIGHT is said - everyone must pass their gift to the right, whenever the word LEFT is said - everyone must pass their gift to the left.  When the story is over players can keep the gift they end up with.  You can make up your own left right story, buy one off the interenet or search for free ones such as this left/right story.

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