Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunts

Solve the mystery while trying to avoid getting cursed - laugh-out-loud as your fellow players act out their curses.  Find magical ingredients and help break the curses.  This is all part of the fun in our Clues, Spells, & Curses Scavenger Hunt!

 Our Clues, Spells, & Curses hunt was so popular we created a new version: Bewitched! Has all the fun of the original with clues, curses, and spells - but this version you can play again and again because each time the mystery is different!

In this awesome scavenger hunt you and your friends can test their zombie survival skills. Answer trivia, solve clues, don't get too many wrong or you'll be zombie bait.  Everyone who makes it to the end "alive" wins!

Who Kidnapped Jack the King of Halloween? That is the question your guests will be trying to figure out. They will doing that by searching for the game pieces hidden around your party location. 

This hunt is perfect for the kiddo's that enjoy solving riddles, puzzles, and clues.  One clue leads to the next and finally to the grand treasure! Perfect for your Halloween party!

Test your Harry Potter knowledge by answering Potter trivia, solving Potter puzzles, and using all that lovely fandom knowledge to your advantage.  Be careful to avoid getting cursed - but you'll love watching others act out their laugh-out-loud curses.

The classic board game Clue comes off the board and into a murder mystery scavenger hunt. Players bribe, blackmail, gamble, and steal all to be the first to figure out who did it, with what and where.

Do you want to play a game? This 20 clue treasure hunt that uses trivia, puzzles, games & more to test your friends knowledge of classic scary movies.



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