Rock Star Birthday Bash

by Jennifer
(Texarkana, TX)

Birthday girl and her friends

Birthday girl and her friends

Birthday girl and her friends Me and the Birthday Girl Rock Star Family- We ROCK! :) Event Security

For my daughter's 8th birthday party we had a Rock Star Party. Everyone dressed up like rock stars and I decorated the house like a concert hall complete with the back stage area (her room!) I sent back stage passes with the invitations and when the guests arrived (with their back stage passes) we took them to the back stage area for hair and makeup. When they were ready for the big show they went up on the stage for the concert. They had huge microphones that I made out of paper towel rolls and foil. We had a karaoke machine and a fog machine. We played games and ate microphone cupcakes (ice cream cones with cupcakes in the top) We had prized for the best dressed rock star and the photo booth was the stage. Her Dad got a bright orange shirt that said "Event Security" and shaved his beard to look like a rock star. We had star shaped glasses for everyone and we had pink hair spray and huge hoop earrings for the girls that needed some help looking the part. Everyone had such a blast. The rock star party was a year ago and people still talk about it. Definitely one for the books!

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