Voted Most Popular Wii Games for Parties! 

 Check out the most popular wii games to play at your party for 2013. These wii additions will be the hit of your party! They are all come highly recommended from REAL people who have bought and played them. Under each popular wii selection I have included a link so you can read why other people ranked the game so well and what they believe makes it so popular. There are dozens of reviews for each game to make sure you are provided with a well rounded source of opinions.

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#1 Popular Wii Games:
Party Dance Game 

As a huge fan of the series, I was so excited for this game to come out and I can easily say that I am not dissapointed with it at all. I've noticed that as the series went on, each game seemed to get better and better. Just Dance 4 is definitely the best out of them all.

For anyone who likes to dance, you will certainly most love this game. Not only is the song selection fantastic and offers a wide variety of music styles, but the choreography has become less repetitive and predictable and more professional. That is, I almost feel like I'm a back up dancer or a pop singer when dancing to some of these routines.  This is definitely one of those games you and your friends can get lost in for hours of fun!

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#1 Popular Wii Games:
Party Fight Game

"Super Smash Bros. Brawl is probably the most anticipated Nintendo game coming out this year and it delivers. Just like its predecessors on the Game Cube and Nintendo 64, it takes many of the Nintendo favorites and throws them into a solid fighting game, which each character having his/her/its own special moves. This time, the roster features 35 characters total with 21 starting and 14 unlockable. The basic idea hasn't changed from Melee, beat up your opponents until they have a high enough damage percentage and then knock them off the stage. However, what has changed is the different ways that you could achieve that goal. Of the 35 characters, almost everyone is unique. The three Star Fox characters do feel just slightly alike, and C. Falcon/Ganondorf, Link/Toon Link, Ness/Lucus have similar moves, but even those characters are different enough to offer their own strategy and have different advantages and weaknesses. Furthermore, none of the characters feel like an exact copy with different running/jumping stats like they did in Melee (Falco/Fox, Marth/Roy). All in all, all the fighters in Brawl are unique and you will sure find a style that suits your style. Each fighter is deadly if they are used correctly and none of them is overpowered"

                                                     - M. Miao

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#1 Popular Wii Games:
Party Trivia Game

" Me, my wife, and friends all really enjoyed playing the original "You Don't Know Jack" editions when they came out in the late '90s for PC's. If anything, the only thing that wasn't great was having three people crowd around a single keyboard in order to "buzz in". When I saw that a new edition had been released for gaming consoles (thus allowing every player to have their own "buzzer"), I was eager to give it a whirl. SO NOT DISAPPOINTED! The gameplay is just as entertaining as the original, but the questions have been updated and are very current. I hope this starts a trend wherein several new editions will be released!

P.S. This version includes a lot more customization, along with support for up to four players. " 

                                                                 - Todd South

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#1 Popular Wii Games:
Party Racing Game

"Mario Kart was one of the most popular titles on the SNES and has, thankfully, lost none of its charm on the Wii. The idea is simple. 12 characters on karts or bikes race around more than 30 tracks, dodging many hazards including each other! You will race on ice, through mountains, shopping malls, mines, more conventional race tracks i.e. ones with tarmac and have anything from sliding penguins to molten lava to manoeuvre your kart around. The best advice in any race is to expect the unexpected.

Mario Kart begins with 4 cups and 12 playable characters, including such favourites as Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong and Bowser. The characters fall into three brackets dependent on their weight and this affects the overall performance of your kart or bike. In order to unlock more characters, tracks, karts and bikes you will need to win trophies in Grand Prix mode. Three difficulty settings means even if you are new to Mario Kart you should have little trouble adapting to the races.

If you're looking for a multi-player game on the Wii that offers exciting gameplay and will last for months then Mario Kart is surely one of the best. With a variety of stunning tracks to immerse yourself in and a mixture of daredevil drivers to choose between Mario Kart delivers on all levels."

                                                             - David M. Brown

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