Duck Dynasty party games and party ideas are definitely hard to find. So, if someone dear to you has decided they want to have a Duck Dynasty party, well look no further. On this page you will find exactly what you need. A couple of ideas for decorating are mason jars, bandanas, beards, camo, and ducks, lots of ducks! A good place to find the right kind of camo tableware for this theme is any retailer that carries Havercamp products. Using solid colors like brown, green and black will supplement for any of the hard to find details. As for the entertainment we hope our games and activities listed below are just what you need. Just remember a Duck Dynasty party game has to be fun filled because as Uncle Si says " It's a party Jack!"

Duck Dynasty Party Games and Activities 

Grow a Beard-For this activity you will need cotton balls, construction paper, glue, yarn and markers. It’s best to have an activity area set up for this one. As the children arrive, have them go to the activity area and prepare their own beard with the supplies you have laid out. They can now wear their very own Duck Dynasty beard throughout the party.

Pin the Beard on the Robertson’s-We have put a spin on the classic pin the tail on the donkey. You will need to print 2 photos each Duck Dynasty cast member to include Phil, Jace, Willie, and Uncle Si. On one of each photo you will need to cut the beard out. Hang the other photo of each Robertson on a wall. Have the children line up and blindfold them. One by one hand them the beards of the coordinating character and have them pin it on. The person with the closest beard placement to each Robertson wins.

Flour Frog Dive-This is good for laughs anytime. Take a tea cup and pack in tight with flour. Flip it over and slowly lift up the cup, flour should stay in the shape of the cup, but on the table. Gently place a frog gummy or lifesaver if you prefer, on top. Now the children will take turns cutting lines of flour off of the pile with a plastic knife. The person to make the pile collapse has to fish the gummy out with nothing but their mouth.  This is a great picture opportunity for laughs later on.

On The Hunt-This game is both easy and fun. Cut out several ducks from felt or construction paper. Hide the ducks all over the house or yard. Split the party goers into two teams and set them loose to hunt for ducks. The team that locates the most ducks wins. You can also hide a beaver cut out, because we all know how much Uncle Si hates beavers. The one to find the beaver gets a small prize or gets to lead the next game.

Duck Whistles-All you need for this activity are straws, scissors and markers. Flatten the end of a straw and cut a triangle shape in the end of the straw . Now let the children decorate their straw with the markers and take turns getting their duck call down. It takes a little practice but it’s comical no matter what.


Redneck Dynasty-Separate the children into teams. Each team will have to locate five items that a Duck Dynasty redneck can’t live without.  If you are a fan of the show you should have no trouble thinking things up but if you need a little help here are some examples; iced tea, duck whistle, bandana, fishing rod, boots, trucks, camo…etc. You can use miniatures, toys, draw or print pictures and hide them, giving clues to each items whereabouts. This will take up some time for the children and teach them to work together.

Duck Shoot-Out-For this game you will need several cheap toy dart guns, little rubber/plastic ducks and a marker. Mark each duck with different point amounts. Line the ducks up on a table or board. Have the kids take turns shooting at the ducks and if they hit the duck they get the amount of points written on the ducks, if they knock the ducks over or off the table/board, they receive double the points.

Frog Leg Eating Contest-Everyone knows Jase loves his frog legs. For this game you will need to purchase gummy frogs, enough so that each child will get at least ten. Have the children line up in front of a table with their plate of frogs in front of them. With hands behind their backs, they have to eat the "frog legs" as fast as possible. The child, who eats all of their frogs the fastest, wins.

Duck Commander-All you need for this game are plastic cups, one blue cup to symbolize uncle Si’s cup, a marker and some ping pong balls. Mark each cup with a point amount, having the blue cup as the highest point quantity. Place the plastic cups on the floor, spread out from one another, putting the blue cup in the center. Now have the children line up and give the first child four ping pong balls. The child to get the highest point total is Duck Commander. You can put a bit of water or sand in the cups to keep them better stabilized, if you wish.

Camo Gift Bags-You will need brown paper bags, brown, green, and black paint and some paintbrushes. Have the children decorate their own camo loot bags early into the party so that they can dry and you can fill them before the party is over. This activity helps spark their creativity and allows them to take something personalized home with them.

I hope you got some ideas for your Duck Dynasty party.  If you know of any other Duck Dynasty party games that I haven't included I'd love to add them to this collection.  Contact me and let me know about it.







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